We Will Get You Real Google Reviews – For Free!

Special offer:

Give us a list of your recent customers, and we will get you real Google reviews – for free. Interested?

You Need More Reviews!

And we can help you getting them. We are offering a new service, and as a beta-test we are offering our services for free to a selective group of participants, during what we call our 5 Day Proof Of Concept Challenge. We thought you would be a good fit.

What we are trying to prove?
That we can get you more Google reviews, from YOUR customers.

How do we want to prove this?
By offering our services for 5 days, completely free. We do not require a credit card.

After the 5 days, we would like to get on a call with you to discuss the results. And if it isn’t a fit, it isn’t a fit – and we can both walk away.

No strings attached…


What do we need from you?

Not a lot… Just a list with your most recent customers – usually just the past 30 days. This is all done-for-you.

Here is how it works

We send out a feedback request to your most recent customers and ask them a simple Yes/No question:

Would you recommend our business to your family and friends?

If they answer “Yes”, we make it super, super easy for them to leave an online review.

Should they say “No”, we don’t ask them to leave a review – instead we ask for additional feedback on how you can improve in your business. This gives you an opportunity to avoid a negative review and immediately address the issue with your customer, hopefully saving your client.

Let us get you new Google reviews – you barely have to do anything!*


The only thing we ask from you, when you accept this challenge, is that you follow through and communicate with us so we can set everything up properly. We would also like to schedule a quick 30-minute call 5-6 days after you give us your customers’ information, to go over the results of our 5 Day Proof Of Concept Challenge.

Fill out the application form below to get started. We hope you are as excited as we are about this new service!


* We try to get real Google reviews, from your own customers. As such, we do not control all variables, and we can’t guarantee any number of reviews – that’s up to your customers! But we will create an ideal environment for optimum results, as it is our aim to Prove Our Concept to you!

Waiting List

All Spots Are Taken

All available spots for our 5 Day Proof Of Concept Challenge are at this moment unfortunately taken.

But please join our waiting list, and we will let you know when this opportunity opens up again!

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Your Privacy Matters To Us

The Privacy of you and your customers is very important to us. We will not use the information you provide us for anything else than this Review-Getting service. We will not sell, rent or give any of your information to third parties.

If you do not want to continue using our services after the 5 Day Proof Of Concept Challenge, your account including your customers’ information will be deleted from our systems. This deletion from our systems will not affect the Google Reviews we got on your behalf – these are on Google’s system and will remain there regardless of whether you continue to use our services, or not.

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We love helping businesses.